Why I became a property investment adviser and buyer’s agent

Nigel Watts, our co-founder and principal, gets asked this question a lot.  We thought we’d share some of his story here with you…


“This is a question many people ask me…..  I had a great job, was a senior manager on an excellent income, and my old company was growing.  So why??

The main reason was simple – to help people!

For over 20+ years I helped corporates and governments improved efficiencies and profits.  I also helped them to improve the effectiveness of how they estimate the cost of construction projects and valuation of assets.

I wanted and needed a change though.

I also sought greater meaning and sense of satisfaction from my career.

Helping people – mums and dads, families, singles, anyone really – was where it was at for me.

Property investment was a huge passion for my wife and I and we had already built a sizeable portfolio in multiple states.  We invested in courses, books, one-on-one workshops – everything to educate ourselves.   We undertook a new build, bought an off-the-plan, several existing dwellings.

Renovating property too was a much-loved pastime and I even contemplated running a renovation business.

During Covid I set about designing and constructing a multi-level deck on a sloping block, with stairs and handrails.  I did all the design, and most of the construction.   Whilst it took 18 months, involved 20 footings, nearly 1 Tonne of concrete, and lots of profanities, I really enjoyed the process and love nothing more now than watching the family enjoy the space with a beer in hand.  It’s my favourite place in our house!

After I used a Buyer’s Agent myself I realised I could not only do this for a career, but would enjoy it and most importantly would get a huge buzz from helping others to get ahead in life.

“… get a huge buzz from helping others

to get ahead in life.”

Everyone who knows me knows I am not the sort of person to spruik anything.  I am not the sort of person to sell ice to eskimos, nor do I want to be that person.  I rely on complete authenticity, integrity, courtesy and professionalism.

Having built a great property portfolio I knew I was well placed to sell the benefits of this to others as I had already achieved the outcome of what I am selling – freedom to do what I want!

I also knew first-hand how much time it takes to acquire the right property and then manage it.  I’ve learnt this over many years of experience.  The formal courses I’ve invested in back up this experience (and make it legal for me to get paid for my service of course).

My engineering background and significant experience in valuing assets, and applying technology to do so, also fitted in nicely to being a Buyer’s Agent as you need a good eye for detail with data and for when looking at the construction and condition of a property.  These skills, coupled with market knowledge, are essential to ensure you are paying the right price for the right property.

Whilst my experience with property and asset valuation spans 10+ years, my Buyer’s Agent career has only just started.  Yet it is already delivering in so many ways – I have helped some great people and I am enjoying every minute of it.  Even just one tiny bit of advice can make a massive difference to a person – sometimes it can mean several hundreds of thousands of dollars extra in their retirement. “

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