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Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Buyers Guide

Suburbtrends – June 2024

Summary:  The Suburbtrends Buyers Guide for Newcastle and Lake Macquarie features the TOP 5 suburbs from Nigel Watts of Niva Property Buyers.  The TOP 5  covers 1st Home Buyers up to $600,000, 1st Home Buyers up to $1.2Million, Investors with a budget of $500,000 and those with a bit more to invest at $700,000.  And we also look at the top suburb for owner occupiers with a budget of $2Million.  The document also contains affordability, pricing and rental insights for Newcastle and Lake Macquarie from Suburbtrends.

To dowload this buyers guide visit this Suburbtrends web page.

From Naval Engineering to Buyer’s Agent – Nigel Watts’ Success

Buyer’s Agent Institute Show – February 2024

Summary:  The journey to become a Buyer’s Agent for many is very unique.  In my case I brought along various skills in sales, marketing and customer service, as well as property investment and construction estimating/valuation.  Interviewed by the founder of the Buyer’s Agent Institute (BAI) Ben Handler, we talk about embracing chance, my business and what I am working on in 2024, and the Newcastle property market.

Listen at the links below:

Rentvesting – new trend helping young buyers enter the market

Newcastle Weekly – December 2023

Summary:  Rentvesting is where people rent where they can afford (or wish to live) and invest elsewhere and generally in a more affordable location.  This investing method allows people to get into the property market sooner (as they don’t spend time saving for their forever home) and build equity as soon as possible.  Done well, this method can help people build wealth, help them to get their dream home faster and also helps to set them up for retirement.

Read the full article here…

5 reasons buyers shouldn’t rely on Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

Geared for Growth podcast – December 2023

Summary:  In this podcast, Nigel Watts, co-founder of Niva Property and Buyer’s Agent, discusses the pros and cons of AVMs with Mike Mortlock, Director of MCG Quantity Surveyors and host of the renowned “Geared for Growth”podcast.  AVMs have many benefits and they can produce very fast estimates for property backed by a lot of data and technology, however, the estimates they produce can be innaccurate and unreliable.

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

How buyer’s agents help people to acquire the right property at the right price

Newcastle Weekly – August 2023

Summary:  Buyer’s Agents are becoming more common in the Australian real estate industry.  They offer buyers significant advantages including higher levels of due diligence, greater knowledge of the indutry and the buying process and local knowledge.  Buyer’s agents also bring together a team of trusted 3rd parties and real estate agent relationships to help nurture and streamline the purchase.

Read the full article here…

NSW buyers get ready for stamp duty change

Newcastle Herald – November 2022

Summary:  Thanks to the Newcastle Herald for interviewing Nigel Watts of Niva Property about the then-proposed changes to Stamp Duty by the NSW Government.

Read more here. 

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