Benefits  of a Buyer’s Agent

We buy YOU the right property at the right price

The main way we help you is to buy the right property for the right price.  This eliminates the #1 error most investors make – buying the wrong property.

Informed by your goals, we develop a strategy with you regarding what to do, what to buy and where to buy to achieve your goals.  Our detailed due diligence process which includes physical inspections and over 70 checks then ensures you pay the right price and that you do not overpay.  

We also ensure that you are removed from the emotion of the purchase so that you don’t get caught up with fear of missing out (FOMO) or get talked up by the Real Estate Sales agent. 

Buying the right property at the right price can along save you many tens of thousands of dollars, possibly hundreds of thousands in the long run.

Save >100 hours of your time, get YOUR life back

Are you tired of searching Domain or  Tired of attending inspection after inspection and do you want your weekends back?

We save you significant time by project managing the entire research, analysis and acquisition process for you.  This includes cash flow projections, property inspections, market appraisals, negotiating with agents and coordinating 3rd parties (conveyancer, building and pest inspector, depreciation expert etc.).   We can also target off-market properties as a part of our service and we prepare a tailored property investment plan for you as part of your very first purchase.

If we reject a property due to an issue with it during due diligence then we go back to step 1 and restart the process on a different property, for no extra charge.

Doing this day in day out with systems, processes and relationships in place, we ensure this is streamlined and efficient so you can get on with your life.

We eliminate YOUR stress

Many people only ever buy 1 property in their lifetime and navigating the process for many is very unfamiliar and stressful.  If you are not confident with the process, the legalities, the best negotiating tactics with agents etc. you can get very stressed (and possibly miss out on property or overpay).  It doesn’t have to be this way!

Some people even have such a stressful experience it can put them off buying property which can compromise their financial goals.  This is where a professional buyer’s agent can help you by managing the entire acquisition for you.  This limits your direct involvement and minimise your stress.  You are, however, 100% in control of the major decisions.

If the property we are trying to buy goes to Auction this can be stressful for people, and in this case we also bid for you.

We leverage our relationships to improve YOUR success

Relationships (like in any industry) can all help with a successful purchase.  We leverage relationships with agents and 3rd parties (i.e. mortgage brokers, conveyancers, solicitors, building inspectors, property managers etc) to streamline the process and improve the success of buying property.

These are relationships that most people do not have (or do not maintain regularly) and, as we are constantly dealing within the industry, we can leverage these with great success to help you.

We ensure YOU get a result focussed on your goals

For many people, one of the most beneficial things about using a buyer’s agent is that you actually BUY a property; you take action.  It sounds weird but many people don’t take action or fail – they may be too busy, too scared, have been burnt before by the buying process, don’t have confidence to know what to buy and where, try to buy but are unsuccessful etc. 

Compared with the alternative of NOT investing, taking action is priceless and could be worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars come retirement age.   We also make sure that your purchase aligns with your investment, lifestyle and retirement goals.

Minimise YOUR risk of making a costly mistake

Many of the points above – buying the right property at the right price, independent advice, detailed due diligence, removing you from the coal-face so you don’t make an emotional purchase and overpay… all help to ensure you do not make a costly mistake.  Buying the wrong property, a dud property or overpaying can set you back financially and also mentally.  Our expert service removes these many financial risks for you!

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Made our job of buying property easy

“Niva Property made our job of selecting a property very easy. We saved time by not having to inspect properties nor do all the checks and balances on each property.

Nigel from Niva did all this for us and more, and had access to various tools and real-time data that we simply didn’t have.

The level of due diligence and professionalism was first class and no stone was left unturned when assessing potential properties. They ruled out many good looking properties due to various unforseen risks and this helped ensure we selected the right one.

The end result is we got a great property that met our requirements now, but also one that provides lots of options in the future. If you’re looking for help buying a property I’d thoroughly recommend Niva Property. ”

Frank B, Newcastle NSW

Throroughly recommended as a buyer's agent

"Nigel from Niva Property was a great help in securing our family a property recently on the Gold Coast. His timely, expert knowledge of the buying process helped us secure the property ahead of our competitors. He also made us aware of all the risks and detailed due diligence, so we could make decisions quickly and easily, making the buying process much less stressful. I’d thoroughly recommend Nigel as a buyer’s agent for your next property purchase."

James H, Sydney

Goes above and beyond

“Nigel from Niva Property was a great help in securing us a property. He is highly professional, maintains clear communication throughout the process and has a thorough knowledge of the housing market. He went above and beyond to help, saved us so much time and helped us to minimise any risks in the purchase.

“We have now bought our perfect abode in a short duration with the help of Nigel and feel he is, by far, a great agent to work with. Quite simply, it would not have been possible for us to do this without his support. We would highly recommend Nigel and Niva Property to anyone who is looking for an owner occupier property or a high performing investment.

“We will be sure to engage his services again for our next purchase. Thank you so much Nigel”

Vel and Ayyappan, Geelong

Communication, knowledge and advice was next level

“We could not have been happier with Nigel from Niva Property. At every turn his advice, communication and knowledge was next level. We gave him a pretty specific set of quite complex criteria and he totally came through for us. As a busy professional, I didn't have time to attend inspections, talk to agents, research streets and suburbs. Nigel did all this and much more.

In securing our Newcastle property, Nigel saved us significant time and project managed the entire process to ensure a successful and stress-free acquisition. He also provided us with detailed but very clear due diligence reporting which helped me make a decision with a very high level of confidence. He was always available whenever we needed to talk and his local connections with trusted 3rd parties (i.e. mortgage broker and a conveyancer) was another great benefit.

If you are looking to buy your own home, investment property or potential development site in Newcastle Niva Property has to be on the top of your list of agents. ”

Nathan C, Malaysia

Thoroughly recommended

“Nigel from Niva Property Buyers was a great help in securing our family a property in Lake Macquarie.

When we decided on the property we really wanted, he went above and beyond on due diligence, ensured we were aware of all risks, and acted quickly to help us secure it ahead of the competition.

He proactively guided us every step of the way through this emotionally intense journey.
We'd thoroughly recommend him to anyone looking to buy their dream home.

Edouard R, Merewether, NSW

Highly Recommended

"Nigel saved us a lot of time liaising with the local sales agents, doing inspections and providing well-researched property appraisals.  He was always thorough and clear in his communications and I'd highly recommend him as a buyer's agent."

Michael B, Sydney

Helped me make decisions with confidence

"Nigel saved me a huge amount of time, and I would highly recommend him to help you buy your next investment property. His property due diligence was also very detailed and clear, making it easy for me to make decisions with confidence."

Tim G, Newcastle NSW

A great help when buying our home

"Nigel was a great help when buying our home. His knowledge and prompt, professional advice was really beneficial to ensure the process was as smooth as possible."

Venkatesh J, Sydney

Always learning about property

"... Nigel would ask questions most that most property investors would not.... to enhance his learning. His attention to detail was remarkable, and he was always clear and concise in all discussions."

Edward R, QPIA, Brisbane QLD (Director EKR Property)

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