Frequently Asked Questions

What does Niva stand for?

The word “Niva” tells a story of committment and passion.  “Ni” is the 1st 2 letters of our co-founder’s name Nigel, and the “Va” is the first 2 letters of his wife’s name Vanessa.  Vanessa and Nigel are passionate about property and on their 3rd date they discussed investment and spreadhseet modelling – sad but true!   It is from this passion that Niva Property was formed and the resulting vision here is to now help other people attain their very own version of financial freedom.

Why Niva Property?

Trust, integrity and we walk the talk.

  1. You will not find a more trustworthy buyer’s agent to deal with.  We work only in your interests and are always completely transparent in all dealings with you.  When you are investing your future and spending many hundreds of thousands of dollars, we believe trust has to be the most important aspect in the relationship between client and buyer’s agent.
  2. Integrity is a core value we hold dear to our hearts.  In an industry full of sharks, glossy brochures and flashy cars, we like to see ourselves as a fresh breath of integrity down to our core.
  3. Walk the talk.  We are not selling property, we are selling the dream of financial freedom and living life on your terms.  We have achieved this and are here to help you do the same.

What industry associations are you a part of, and what insurances do you have?

We are members of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia (PIPA).  Our co-founder Nigel Watts is also a Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®) through PIPA.  We have professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

Which locations can you source property?

We specialise in the greater Newcastle region consisting of Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens) .

What is your process for searching and selecting property?

We follow a structured and very detailed due diligence process, which is a top down approach.  We consider strategy first and collaborate with you to define and document a property investment strategy focussed 100% on your individual life goals.  After this we then research the macro, micro and property level attributes before making recommendations for you.  You are still in 100% control of all decisions and selection of the location and property, we just do all the “leg work” and present it to you in a professional and easy-to-undertsnad manner so you can make decisions with greater confidence and clarity.

What does an independent buyer's agent mean?

Independent means that we do not receive commissions of any form from builders, developers or property aggregators, or real estate agents.  We act 100% in your sole interest.

What is your fee and how is it calculated?

Our fee depends on the service level we provide to you and everyone’s needs tend to be different.  Based on your goals and individual needs we will provide you with a fixed price fee for our engagement along with a Buyer’s Agent Agreement (i.e. a Contract) which makes the scope of our services and the fee crystal clear.

What are the payment terms?

For our full Buyer’s Agent service you pay a Mobilisation fee (also called a retainer) upfront before we start working for you.  The balance of the fee is invoiced when Contracts are exchanged on your property.  Alternatively and if you need we can organise for all or some of the balance to be paid at Settlement.

For smaller engagements the payment terms vary depending on the scope and we discuss these with you prior to commencing our engagement.

What if we miss out on a property, does your fee cover more than 1 property?

Our Full Buyer’s Agent service does!   We may initially think a property looks great only to find out flaws during due diligence and terminate the research on the property, with your approval of course.  We may even find a good property but miss out in the bidding if someone else wants to pay more than we consider fair value, or if finances are limited.  Regardless of the reason for missing or terminating a property, your fee covers our services on unlimited properties until we achieve success.  Some of our other services though like Auction Bidding for example are charged per property.

Do you manage the 3rd parties involved and do you have a standard "team" you work with?

Yes we do manage all 3rd parties where required.  This includes the solicitior/conveyancer, building and pest inspector and any other party needed.  We have a regular team of these people that we trust and can leverage this trust and relationshiup to your advantage.  You can of course use your own contacts if you prefer though.   When buying in locations where we don’t operate day in day out we can obtain referrals from trusted partners in the industry.  We also have several quality mortgage brokers we can refer you to if you don’t yet have your finances approved.

Do I need my finance pre-approved before we start our engagement?

Yes and no.  We don’t need your finances approved before we start discussions (i.e. discovery session to discuss your needs etc).  However you do need finances sorted before we will sign a Contract with you.  We do not start looking at properties and potentially making offers etc. without finance approved.

Can you access off-market property?

Yes we can.  Depending on what you are looking for in an investment, targeting off-markets may be beneficial and appropriate.  We will discuss the best strategy with your during our first engagement meeting.

What types of properties do you source?

Anything residential.  We have experience with established property and off-the-plan and can also research and acquire development sites.  We source houses, apartments, townhouses, dual-occupancy and the type of property and site depends solely on your goals and the property investment stragey we put in place and agree with you.

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