Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Buyer’s Agent. 

Buying investors and owner occupiers the right property at the  right price.

The Niva Property difference

Niva Property is a Buyer’s Agent acquiring property in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.  As a professional Buyer’s Agent, Niva Property provide personalised and tailored services that will save you time and minimise your risks and stress.  Our experience, professionalism and proprietary technology also maximises your ability to secure your ideal property at the right price.   

We offer 100% independence, and maximum trust and integrity.  In a world full of sharks, our property advisory and buyer’s agent services are designed and executed solely in your interests.

When acquiring property on your behalf, we provide you with piece of mind to ensure you are comfortable, consulted and informed during each step of the acquisition process and beyond.  We act as a calming influence in what can be a very stressful activity for many.

Nigel Watts

Qualified Property Investment Adviser (QPIA®),  Licensed Real Estate Agent, Engineer

Principal and Buyer’s Agent

Benefits of using a buyer's agent

We help investors (new and experienced), first-home buyers and owner occupiers.  Some of the benefits of using a buyer’s agent are:

> We buy you the right property at the right price!

> Investors minimise the #1 risk in property investing – selecting a poor asset in a poor location

> Owner occupiers minimise stress and time to buy, and maximise chance of success

> Save >100 hours of your time, as we project manage the entire acquisition

> Reduce stress as buyers are emotionally removed from the process

> Eliminate the risk of working with untrustworthy 3rd parties; we coordinate a team of carefully vetted experts who (like us) operate solely in your best interest

Buying property in Newcastle and Lake Macquarie

Co-founder of Niva Property, Nigel Watts, was born and bred in Newcastle and has lived in the area for over 30 years and in a variety of suburbs including Redhead, Belmont, Elermore Vale, Adamstown, Charlestown and Merewether.  Nigel is passionate about the area and strongly believes that the greater Newcastle and Lake Macquarie region strikes the perfect balance of lifestyle, amenities and employment opportunity.

Having a specialist and local buyer’s agent on your team gives you the edge, and helps you to minimise risks, maximise your returns and achieve your goals without the usual stress that buying property entails.

  1. Requirements and Strategy – Starting with your requirements, we collaborate with you to determine and document a recommended strategy in order to achieve your goals.
  2. Research Properties – We research online properties, liaise with sales agents and target off-markets where appropriate to your goals.  This research includes preliminary due diligence.
  3. Review Shortlist  – Working with you we review a shortlist and make a decision on which one to acquire… sometimes though we keep searching.  You are in complete control of the process and decisions along the way.
  4. Acquisition – We acquire the property for you; this includes attending to inspections, detailed due diligence, real estate agent liaison, coordinating trusted 3rd parties, bidding at auction (if the property goes to auction), negotiation etc.
  5. Settlement – We manage the process and keep you informed all the way to settlement, including attending the pre-settlement inspection on your behalf.
  6. Ongoing Support – Many clients have a need to acquire more property, be they investment properties or an upgrade/downsize.  We view our relationships as long-term and are always here to support your ongoing property journey with independent and professional support.

Integrity at our core... we have nothing to sell you

We are 100% independent.  We do not make money from recommending properties from developers, builders or any other 3rd parties like property aggregators.

Our property investment advice and buyer’s agent services are completely independent, and solely undertaken in your best interest.

Integrity, trust and transparency are our core personal values, and these values are entrenched within all services we provide for you.

Why choose Niva as your buyer's agent?

Why choose Niva to buy your next property


We work 100% for you the buyer and operate independently of real estate agents, developers and other entities.


Licensed real estate agent, member of the Property Investment Professionals of Australia, experience building a multi-million $ portfolio in various states.


We do not compromise on our core values of integrity and transparency. You can trust us to always operate in your best interest.


We invest heavily in technology to help our clients.  This includes proprietary technology to streamline property due diligence.  Our technology alone can help save you tens of thousands of dollars. 


Contact us to discuss your next Newcastle or Lake Macquarie property acquisition

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