8 reasons to use a Buyer’s Agent for your next Investment Property

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A buyer’s agent (buyer’s advocate) helps to set a level playing field for people buying property.  The process of buying property can be very stressful for the average person, and buyer’s advocates can help you navigate what can be a tricky and intimidating process.

In the US buyer’s agents are involved in 80% of all house purchase transactions.  Whilst relatively new in Australia, Buyer’s Agents are fast becoming more widely used as consumers realise the vast benefits they bring to their property acquisition. 

For investment property, suitably skilled and qualified buyer’s agents can also help ensure you purchase the RIGHT property that is best placed to deliver on your specific financial goals.  This is a significant difference between normal buyer’s agents and those 100% focussed on investors.

Here are just 8 of the benefits of using a professional investment buyer’s agent to help you in your personal wealth goals:

#1  Saves you time

Research, analysing data, inspections, project managing the acquisition process, talking to real estate agents, builders, valuers and conveyancers…. This all takes a lot of time!!!   Imagine having all this done for you.

#2  Ensure you don’t overpay, saving money

Buyer’s agents are in the industry and looking at a lot of property.  This means we know what property is worth and we can protect you from overpaying; this alone can save you tens of thousands of dollars.   Additionally, as we buy more property than normal purchasers, we are in a better pace to negotiate with real estate agents. 

#3  Access to property you won’t find online

Buyer’s Agents will generally have access to stock that you simply won’t find on realestate.com.au or domain.  This maximises the pool of property available for you to choose from. 

#4  Leverage specialist data and technology to help you

Some Buyer’s Agents have access to and are trained in advanced data and technology, to help search and find suitable investment properties.   They analyse this data constantly and are well placed to provide you with sufficient data driven insights to help guide the property search and decision making process.

#5  Achieve your financial goals

Buyer’s Agents focussed on investment properties, what we like to call Investment Buyer’s Agents, are also focussed on your medium and long term goals – both financial and lifestyle.  They help you take your next step to financial freedom.

If you are buying an investment proprty for $750,000, a 2% difference in capital growth over 10 years can cost you more than $250,000 if you get it wrong.  Make sure you use an investment buyer’s agent who understands your financial goals and tailors their advice and recommendations to maximise your net wealth.

#6  Less stress

Buying property is stressful especially if it is yours.  A buyer’s agent is emotionally removed from the process; this allows us to focus on the task at hand.  This means you can also detatch yourself from the purchase process and focus more on your day to day work, family, life etc, whilst the Buyer’s Agent does all the hard work for you.

#7  Independent

Niva Property will give you independent advice and recommendations.  Not all buyer’s agents are independent, however, here at Niva we believe this is a fundamental benefit of a buyer’s agent.  We do not get commissions from any third parties and are always working for you the purchaser.  

# 8  You get results

For me this is one of the biggest benefits!  Too many times I have heard “I wish I bought that property 10 years ago”.  Too many times people don’t take action or take action but miss out on property, or buy the wrong property.  With a professional buyer’s agent on your team you will have success, find the property purchasing process more enjoyable and will reach your retirement goals sooner.


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