$1.07B for local infrastructure & facilities for Newcastle region in 2024/25

The greater Newcastle region continues to experience significant growth – in population as well as public and private investment.  With excellent job prospects, great facilities, premium lifestyle offerings and being much more afforbdable than Sydney, people continue to move to and invest the area.

To support this growth, local Councils continue to invest big in infrastructure and facilities to support the community and uphold the lifestyle benefits.

For the upcoming 2024-2025 financial year, 8 local councils have allocated a combined total of $1.07 billion to infrastructure and facilities in the 2024/25 financial year.

This is spearheaded by Newcastle City Council with $415million to be invested across 60 services and covering over 280 projects.

Infrastructure spend by Local Government Area (LGA)

Infrastructure investment is spearheaded by Newcastle City Council as shown below, followed by Maitland and Lake Macquarie

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More information

To get more information for each Council, visit the Council’s website you are interested in.  The links below (which were current at the time of writing this article) may also be of interest and were used as source information for the above content:










DISCLAIMER –  Whilst this data has been prepared based on publicly available information, Niva Property accepts no responsibility for any innacurate data from third parties or any potentially innacurate interpretations of data.  Some of the data and information used for this article is in DRAFT form and awaiting public consultation and final approval by Councils.  As there was no obvious summary statements from Port Stephens Council, Singleton Council, Muswellbrook Council and Upper Hunter Council, the values used in the above graphs and content are estimates only based on  interpreting the Council’s latest detailed strategic plans and/or Operational Plan for 2024/25 as noted herein:  (1) Port Stephens – the estimate is based on their documented expenses over the 4 year period 20232/23 to 2025/26 divided by four (2) Singleton – the estimate is based on the 2024/25 Budget details (3) Muswellbrook Council – the estimate is calculated based on the 2024/25 Budget Estimates of “How are the resources allocated” (4) Upper Hunter – the estimate is based on the Overall Budget Summary details for 2024/25.

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